Rigid plastics within the production and manufacturing process are susceptible to a number of problems caused by a build up of static:

Blow Moulded Bottles

  • Attraction of dust
  • Product contamination

UPVC Profile Extrusion

  • Surface contamination
  • Poor inkjet print quality
  • Breakdown of printing equipment
  • Machinery malfunction

Blow Moulding of Parisons

  • Repelled parisons from tools with multiple parisons
  • Failed delivery and poor quality caused by repelled parisons and static charges of the same polarity

DVD Manufacture

  • Contamination of disk surfaces
  • Rejection because of poor quality

Injection Moulding

  • Swarf collections on tool surface
  • Mould damage and poor production

Flexible Plastics

  • Necking caused during the production of cast plastic film at the point where it cools on the roller can be avoided using static to pin out the plastic and prevent the necking occurring. Film winding create substantial amounts of static electricity resulting in dust collection, operator shocks and poor production quality.