IB8 DC Ionising Air Blower

IB8 Stand Mounted Ionising Blower

Stat-Fan O is a self-adjusting on blower with adjustable airflow and it produces positive and negative ions.. Stat-Fan O will neutralise objects in its airstream.

The IB8 Stand Mounted Ionising Blower will neutralise a working area of 600mm x 600mm. The items to be neutralised should be kept in this area.

The airflow from the blower is adjustable by means of a knob on the front. To increase the fanspeed, turn the knob in a clockwise direction. To decrease the fanspeed, turn the knob in a counter clockwise direction.

NOTE! The front and back of the IB8 Stand Mounted Ionising Blower must be kept free to allow unimpeded passage of air.

For the IB8 Stand Mounted Ionising Blower to maintain optimum efficiency, it must be kept clean. The internal components can be cleaned by blowing compressed air into the air ducts. The cabinet may be cleaned with a piece of cloth, moistened with spirit.

If the device requires any repair or alternation, please contact the company you bought it from.

The diagram below shows speed for neutralisation of a charged isolated conductor. The conductor is charged up to 1000 Volt, and the time in seconds, is the time it takes the IB8 Stand Mounted Ionising Blower to reduce the charge from1000 Volt to 100 Volt. The two lines shows neutralising speed for maximum and minimum air-flow.

Technical Specification

Power Supply: 230 V AC, 110 V AC or 18 V by an adapter
Neutralisation: < +/- 20V
Power: 1 W
Airflow: max 125 l/min
Temp Range: 0-40° C