D8000 Series DC Ionising Bar

D8000 Series DC Ionising Bar

The GO Stat 8000 series DC ionising bar gives powerful, highly effective ionising output. It is suitable for both short and longer range installations, covering a wide range of non-flammable applications. In higher speed and higher charge situations, this bar proves to be consistent and reliable.

Vacuum Forming
Injection Moulding
Blow Moulding
Screen Printing
Sheet Cleaning

Key Features

Compact construction – rigid and robust
Tungsten emitter points – long-life ionising
Integral fixing – tidy and secure
Optional fixing extrusion – extended support
Unique contact design – reduced impedance
Encapsulated components – blocks dirt/moisture
Operator safety feature – averts emitter contact
Range of lengths – 60mm to 3.0 metres

The solution to a wide range of static related problems which disrupt processes causing down-time and quality issues. The ionising bar provides top performance static control which is effective in both high and low speed environments. The ion-charged air that is produced neutralises surface charges, leading to smoother operation and better material handling.

Lengths from 60mm to 3.0 metres.Our workshop can ‘daisy-chain’ bars to accommodate longer lengths. Extended fixing mounting is also available.

Technical Specifications


uPVC extruded body
Tungsten ion emitters
Epoxy resin encapsulation
Rubber end cap seals
M5 threaded fixing point


Cable length 2.0 metre standard
Braided 2 x 10kV insulated AWG22 wire
Operating range 4.5 to 8.5kV
Emitter to earth 20 microamps


W 34mm D 24mm L 60mm – 3 Metres


GO Stat D7000 series power supply unit 230V or 110V power source.