D7000 Series DC Power Supply Unit

D7000 Series DC Power Supply Unit

The GO Stat 7000 series DC power supply unit is the powerful dedicated, electronically controlled heart of all the GO-Stat DC ionising systems. It provides consistent DC voltage, low current, high tension power direct to the ionising devices. Robustly constructed, IP rated, high quality and well designed this unit is suitable for both light and heavy industrial environments.

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D9000 Series Ionising Rings
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D4000 Series Ionising Air Nozzles
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Key Features

Robust construction – high quality casing
IP rated – ingress protection
Removable terminals – tidy and secure
110/240V selection – universal power
Well designed – long functional life
Factory calibrated – stable operation
Multiple connections – power multiple devices
Power indicator – visual active condition

The performance of high quality ionising equipment is ultimately dependent on the quality and performance of the power source. The GO-Stat DC power supply enables all of our DC ionising devices to produce a constant high rate ion stream. The electronically controllable stable output remains consistent in various configurations of type and number of attached DC ionising devices and changing environmental conditions.

Supplies power to the entire range of GO-Stat ionising devices. Suitable for a wide range if applications. Robust and well designed.

Technical Specifications


IP rated Polycarbonate enclosure
IP rated quick release lid
IP rated mains switch
Power on LED indicator
IP rated cable entry glands


115/230v selectable Input


Power 18V (2x9VA) /Current 2x 1.0A


+ve/-ve = 8KV max .(no load) 8 watts