D6000 Series DC Ionising Air Gun

The GO Stat 6000 series ionising air gun combines high ionising output with safety and comfort. It is the ideal tool providing static control in non-flammable environments for applications demanding flexibility and precision.
Typical Applications

Vacuum Forming
Injection Moulding
Blow Moulding
Screen Printing
Sheet Cleaning

Key Features

Robust construction – broad range of applications
Ergonomic design – user comfort
Tungsten emitter points – long-life ionising
Air-flow switch – passive when idle
Progressive trigger action – precise operation
Concealed emitters – no opererator shock
Ready assembled – reliable installation
Range of Reach – various cable lengths

Dirt and dust contamination that blights product finish can easily be removed using the DC ionising gun which is suitable for a flexible working environment. The ionising air stream is ideal for point-at use over a variety of surface areas. The static-free, cleaned surface prevents re-attraction of the dispersed debris. This ensures confident preparation for a finished product.

More than one gun can be powered by a single supply when connected to a Multi-device module maintaining independent operation.

Technical Specifications

Machined Delrin Head
Tungsten ion emitters
Moulded Delrin blow-gun
Polyurethane integrated air line
In-line air operated control switch

Cable length 5.0 metre standard
Braided 2 x 10kV insulated AWG22 wire
Operating range 4.5 to 8.5kV
Emitter to earth – Requirements:

GO Stat D7000 series power supply unit 230V or 110V power source Clean, moisture and oil free air supply.