D4000 Series DC Ionising Nozzle

D4000 Series DC Ionising Nozzle

The GO Stat 4000 series DC ionising air nozzle provides directional high ionising output. It can be used singly, or in multiple configurations, providing static control and particle dispersion, or ionising to difficult access locations in non-flammable environments.
Typical Applications

Fibre Optic Processes
Electronic Chip
PCB Cleaning
Clean Room Processes
Trim Removal
Assembly Line Processes
Automated Processes
Auto Coating Finishing
Auto Feeders
Bag Making

Key Features

Robust construction – broad range of applications
Ergonomic design – simple installation
Tungsten emitter points – long-life ionising
Air-flow switch option – passive when idle

Static problems can be confined to a small local area. A DC ionising nozzle provides ‘pin-point ‘ control with a precisely directed ionised air stream. The compact nozzle can be permanently mounted in a wide veriety of situations independently, or as a group. When space is at a premium, or accuracy essential, problems with material attraction or contamination can be addressed. Products that are static-free resist re-attraction of contaminants and allow confident preparation for a finished product.

An array of nozzles can be powered by a single supply or can be operated independently when connected to a Multi-device module

Technical Specifications


Machined Delrin Head
Tungsten ion emitters
Air operated control switch version
1/4” BSP air connection


Cable length 2.5 metre standard
Braided 2 x 10kV insulated AWG22 wire
Operating range 4.5 to 8.5kV
Emitter to earth – <30 µamps


GO Stat D7000 series power supply unit 230V or 110V power source Clean, moisture and oil free air supply.