About Us

Static electricity is a by-product of the manufacturing industry. Whirring belts, rotating wheels, plastics and synthetics running through machines at high speed, all create a build up of static which in turn, can seriously impair product quality, increase reject rates and reduce profitability.

Static Solutions is dedicated to applying advanced scientific and engineering anti static solutions to a wide range of industries, throughout the world.

Since Static Solutions launch in 1991, the company has established itself as a leader in the control and elimination of static generated contamination in a wide range of applications from printing, film manufacturing, converting, paper and plastics manufacturing and an enormous range of finishing industries from optics to buses.

Static Solutions anti static products and control systems include advanced electrical ionising systems as well as leading edge radioactive systems, which can be used where electrical units are prohibited, due to restrictions in the process itself or where flammability presents a hazard.

Static Solutions has built an enviable reputation for developing state-of-the-art static control solutions for industry by employing its own unique systems based on half a century’s experience employing space age technology in areas as diverse as wallpaper printing and medical research.

Contamination through static is a serious problem in many industries, in particular the converting industry, papermaking, printing and film extrusion.

Taking the plastics industry as an example, static is a major problem, directly responsible for surface contamination when preparing artificial surfaces for vacuum forming, injection moulding or laminating and usually, the result is costly rework or even reject product. This is just one area of industry where Stat-Attack has proved itself by providing rapid, cost-effective solutions, which have provided leading plastics companies with the edge they need to remain at the forefront of their industry.

The Static Solutions team of specially trained engineers will give a free of charge technical on-site static assessment and provide a rapid, cost-effective solution to virtually any problem attributed to static. In fact, the company philosophy is based on the fact that Static Solutions will work with you to solve even the most persistent problem until a solution is found – no solution, no charge.

Ionised air is the secret to Static Solutions success in static control and this can be generated in a number of ways, but the popular forms are electrical and radioactive. The electrical systems developed by Static Solutions provide efficient process control and effective removal of contamination by ionising the air through a series of special electrodes.

These units are virtually shock free, and in their various forms can be fitted to all types of production machinery, even in places where space is very limited. Static Solutions electrical bars are also particularly suitable for high speed processes, producing effective results in longer range applications.

Because the majority of electrical ionising systems must not be used in flammable areas, Static Solutions provides the perfect solution in its active ionising systems for fail-safe control of processes, which have an inherent risk of ignition, such as solvent laden air.

The Static Solutions active ionising guns and bars employ the radioactive material Polonium-210, which emits alpha particles. The alpha particles collide with the air molecules and split them into positive and negative ions, which in turn, neutralise the static by providing a discharge path to earth.

The level of exposure received by a machine operator where Stat-Attack active ionising systems are fitted is actually less than naturally occurring radiation and less than that received from a return air flight.

The active ionising systems manufactured by Static Solutions are the only choice for those applications which must be intrinsically safe, or where space is very limited, as a power source and wiring is unnecessary.

In addition to many other applications, where static can be generated and cause a problem is in the area of medical packaging especially the dispensing of fine powders. Electronics, in particular PCB assembly, film processing and paint finishing at every level from small components to cars, buses and trucks is another area where Static Solutions ionising systems have eliminated costly rework by removing dust and dirt inclusions resulting from the static generated by the process.

Static Solutions has proved itself in all these areas and has developed an excellent working relationship with many of the world’s largest companies that demand effective static control solutions, backed by in-depth product knowledge, rapid service and troubleshooting. Plus, of course, the benefit of anti static product development through a continuous programme of research, which is the foundation on which, the Static Solutions brand has been built.